Come to school on Mondays and Thursdays wearing your PE kit please.

Welcome to Primary Four

Welcome to Primary Four 2023-24! On Mondays and Tuesdays Mrs Crangle is our teacher and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays our teacher is Mrs Curragh. 


We are very busy learning new things, exploring, asking questions, solving problems and having fun. We start each morning by using our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) tubs. This helps wake up our brains and our bodies for a great day of learning.


In Numeracy we are learning how to read, write, add and subtract numbers up to 1,000, learn our times tables, use the clock to tell the time, name and describe shapes and understand different graphs and tables. We love solving problems and practise our skills by using Mathletics online.


We are learning how to write for different reasons and audiences in Literacy. We love reading and writing stories, poems, facts, instructions, reports and letters. You will often find a P4 in the AR library searching for a new book and talking about their favourite types of books and authors. Talking and listening are important skills in Primary 4. 


The World Around Us topics include water, water everywhere, the Post Office, World War II, bugs and beasts and our five senses. We love learning about our local area and wider world, about our past and how things have changed. Science experiments are a highlight of our topic work! 


Our PE sessions focus on teaching skills and having fun while getting lots of exercise. This year we will develop our football skills, control and explore body movements through gymnastics and dance and try out lots of athletics activities. In term 3 we even go swimming! We enjoy getting outside most days to run or walk the daily mile.  


 PDMU lessons are a great chance to talk about our feelings, friendships and how to stay safe at school and at home. This year we are excited to explore the Happy Minds programme. 


RE activities help us to think about decisions we make and how to treat each other based on important stories and people from the Bible and Christian church.  


During ICT time we explore different apps on the iPad and use websites and programmes on the computers in the ICT suite. Face Paint, Just 2 Easy, Mathletics, Minecraft Education Edition and Scratch Jr are some of our favourites!


Throughout P4 we have lots of opportunities to be creative during music, drama and art activities. We are encouraged to use our imagination and try new ideas even if the end result doesn’t quite turn out like we planned! Sometimes we learn best on our own but other times we like to have a partner or a group of people to help us learn. 


Learning to speak and understand some French words and phrases is great fun! We learn to count to 20, use colours and basic greetings.



P4 love using Mathletics to revise the skills we have been learning in class. Remember that little and often makes a huge difference when trying to remember number facts and use mental maths strategies to solve problems so log in every week and aim for 1,000 points to earn your certificate! 


Accelerated Reader 

Our AR library is bursting with books! Let's try to read for a few minutes every day. We have new targets set for November/December. Remember you can quiz at home or in school.  

September 2023

We've been busy playing, reading, writing, counting, creating, talking, researching, dancing, singing and listening!


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