Welcome to P2

Welcome to P2!

P2 have a very fun and action packed year of learning ahead.

We start off our year with a round the world trip with Barnaby Bear in our first topic, “My Wonderful World.” Barnaby will be making stops at lots of countries providing learning and playing opportunities along the way.

 Then we jet off into Space for our second topic, “To Infinity and Beyond!”

We will be learning about the planets and Space.  We will maybe even make some space rockets!

Our third topic is “The Junkyard”, it is all about learning about how to recycle and to take care of our environment.  We are planning to visit Ikea for an eco tour of the store!

After that, we will be learning about “Growing Things” and reading Jack and the Beanstalk.  We will grow our own beans.  I wonder will they reach the sky?

Our next topic is “Lighthouses”.  We will read The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch and we will make our own model lighthouses for show and tell.

 Last of all we will dive “Under the Sea” to discover what animals and fish are lurking there.

Of course, Barnaby our resident P2 bear will be visiting everyone’s homes over the year, just for fun!  He will bring his diary for the children to add pictures and stories.

Our class motto is LISTEN -  LOOK - LEARN!